Whiskey Creek, Canada

Welcome to my inaugural blog posting. My name is Barbara Heim and I live in British Columbia. The books and blogs I write are for the children and our future.

It’s great to see the grey winter skies leaving. Each day is bringing more warmth to my dormant garden and I can see the first crocuses and daffodils popping their bold little faces through the earth. I’ve been so lucky to hear and view a mating pair of eagles just over my yard for the past several days. All confirmation that spring is on the way and definitely time for me to go on a short road trip to scout out one of the local wetlands in search of my amazing beaver friends.
Occasionally, I see a beaver working during the day as I did yesterday on my drive to town however I couldn’t stop in a convenient spot to take what would have been a great photo of the little rascal. He probably knew that and smiled at me on the way by.

Today’s walk took me to a wetland not far from home into the Whiskey Creek area. This area is definitely beaver central. They have done an amazing job of building dams and spillways. I can’t imagine how many hours they have worked to create the labyrinth of dams. Traces of winter ice were still apparent as you can see at the lower right hand corner of the photo. Amidst the maples and alder, branches, twigs and limbs of every size are wedged into place with precision. The air is fresh and crisp and the water is slowly gurgling by. I took a careful look around but alas no sign of the beaver colony that lives here. They probably heard me coming and were watching from upstream or maybe they were inside the lodge caring for this year’s brood of ‘kits’ which should be born about now. It was a great time out and my boots got the washing they needed when I stepped too close to the bank.

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