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Barbara Heim is a published Canadian children’s author and the creator of the Hudson Beavers. Barbara has lived rurally for many years and her writing is inspired by these life experiences. The Hudson Beavers is a delightful educational series, focusing on eco-awareness for young readers.

Barbara Heim’s first book entitled “The Hudson Beavers and the new Neighbourhood” was on display at the London Book Fair in 2010. Her books are now sold worldwide.

Book one introduces a truly Canadian family of beavers and a young muskrat called Madeline.

In September of 2012, book one of the Hudson Beavers was exhibited at the “Word on the Street” book-fair in Vancouver, Canada.


About Hudson Beavers, Series

3643925_origCanada has two emblems, the beaver and the maple.
John W. Dawson
The Hudson Beavers is a children’s series designed to help young readers enjoy the outdoors and understand the diversity of animals in their own backyard.

The series introduces a family of beavers called “the Hudson Beavers”. In colorful story format, the animal characters share information about themselves, other animals, the environment and how animals depend on each other and us to survive.

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